NAHS AP Calculus Prerequisite Review

Graphing, Trigonometry, Transcendental Functions
Day Notes Critical Homework Videos
A Graphing A Solutions Translating Functions
Graphing Piece-wise Functions
B Trigonometry B Solutions The Unit Circle
Evaluating Trig. Functions Using the Unit Circle
Evaluating Inverse Trig. Functions
Solving Equations Containg Trig. Functions
Graphing Trigonometric Functions
C Graphing Calculator   C Solutions General Use of the TI 83/84
Finding Zeros of a Function
Finding a Maximum or Minimum of a Function
Finding Intersection Points Between Functions
Graphing Points Using Lists


Exponential Function Review


D Solutions Graphing Exponential Functions
Limits of Exponential Functions
Applications of Exponential Functions


Logarithmic Function Review


E Solutions Graphing Logarithmic Functions
Limits of Logarithmic Functions
Properties of Logarithms
Solving Exponential Functions Using Logarithms
Solving Equations Containing Logarithms