NAHS AP Calculus Unit 1

Limits and Their Properties
Day Notes Critical Homework Videos
1 Limits of Functions

Lesson 1

Solutions What is a Limit?
Limits from a Table
Limits from a Graph (Undefined Function) & (Discontinuous Point) & (Asymptotes)
Finding Limits Algebraically by Direct Substitution (Defined) & (Undefined)
Finding Limits Algebraically by Facoring
Finding Limits Algebraically by Rationalization
2 Limits Containing Trigonometric Functions Lesson 2 Solutions Finding Limits Containing Trigonometric Functions (Part 1 & Part 2)
3 Continuity & 1-Sided Limits Lesson 3 Solutions Continuity of Functions
Removable and Non-Removable Discontinuity

Determining if a Function is Continuous using the Calculus Definition of Continuity

Video 1 & Video 2 & Video 3

What are One Sided Limits?
One Sided Limits (Using a Graph) & (Approaching an Asymptote) & (Piece-wise Graphs)
Limits for Functions of the Form y = |f(x)| / f(x)
4 Continuity Theorems Lesson 4 Solutions

Intermediate Value Theorem (IVT)

Squeeze Theorem
5 Infinite Limits Lesson 5 Solutions

Infinite Limits

6 Limits to Infinity Lesson 6 Solutions Limits to Infinity