NAHS AP Calculus Unit 6

Techniques of Integration
Day Notes Critical Homework Videos
1 Integration by Substitution

Lesson 1

Solutions General Integration of Indefinite Integrals by U-Substitution (Video 1) (Video 2)
Techniques to Use When Integrating Rational Expressions Using U-Substitution
Integration of Definite Integrals by U-Substitution
2 Logarithmic Functions and Integration Lesson 2 Solutions Integration of 1/x
Integration of 1/any linear expression
Integrating Expressions Containing Logarithms
3 Integration of Exponential Functions Lesson 3 Solutions Integrating Exponential Functions
Integrating Non Base "e" Exponential Functions
Integrating Expressions Containing Exponential Functions
4 Inverse Trig. Functions and Integration Lesson 4 Solutions Integration yielding inverse Trigonometric Functions