NAHS AP Calculus Unit 2

Day Notes Critical Homework Videos
1 Limit Definition of Derivative

Lesson 1

Solutions Derivative as Slope of a Curve
Equation of Tangent Lines
Slope of Secant Lines
Derivative as a Limit
Limit Definition of Derivative
Alternate Form for Limit Definition of Derivative
Using Limit Def'n to find a derivative at a specific value
Using Limit Def'n to find a derivative at a ANY value
2 Differentiability Lesson 2 Solutions Differentiability at a point (graphical approach)

Differentiability at a point (algebraic approach) Video 1 & Video 2

3 Basic Differentiation Rules Lesson 3 Solutions Derivative of a Constant
Basic Differentiation Rules
The Power Rule
Differentiation of Polynomials
Differentiation of expressions containing negative exponents
Differentiation of expressions containing fractional exponents & basic radical expressions
Differentiation of Sine and Cosine (0:00-1:05)
4 Average & Instantaneous Rate of Change Lesson 4 Solutions Using Average ROC to Approximate Instantaneous ROC Video 1 & Video 2 & Video 3
5 Product & Quotient Rules Lesson 5 Solutions Product Rule of Variable Functions & Using Tables & AP Application
Quotient Rule & Rational Functions & AP Application
6 Chain Rule Lesson 6 Solutions Chain Rule Overview

Using Chain Rule to Differentiate Composite Functions

Video 1 & Video 2 & Video 3 & AP Application (using tables)

7 Implicit Differentiation Lesson 7 Solutions Implict Differentiation Overview
Implicit Differentitation Example
Slope of a Tangent Line Implicitly
Implicit VS. Explicit Differentiation
Slope of Normal Line
8 Related Rates Lesson 8 Solutions Related Rate Examples #1 & #2 & #3 & #4 & #5 & #6