Pre-Requisite Review
Graphing Functions
Graphing Piecewise Functions
Basic Identity Sheet
Graphing Calculator Practice Examples
Graphing Calculator Directions for the Function Basics
Using Lists on the TI-83 (video)
Unit 1
Asymptote vs. Hole in the Graph
Graphical Limit WS
PSU College Calculus Limits Practice (Solutions)
Unit 2
Using the Graphing Calculator to Find Derivatives
How the AP Test will Test the Limit Definition of Derivative
Differentiation of Absolute Value Functions
How AP Test will Asseses the Product/Quotient/Chain Rules
Implicit Differentiation WS
Related Rates Worksheet (Answers)
Unit 3
Using Average ROC to Estimate Instantaneous ROC
Projectile application WS
Mario MVT Prompt
All Possibilites of the 1st Derivative Test
Reading a Derivative Graph(for inc/dec/max/min/plateau)
Reading a derivative graph(for concavity/inflection points)
Multiple Choice Questions on Unit 3 Lesson 4 & 5
Open Ended Question for Reading a Derivative Function
Optimization WS
Unit 4
Identify an Integral as a Limit Practice
Distance From Velocity
FTC Application
Unit 4 Review Open Ended Pratice
Unit 6
Area & Volume Review